30 December 2008

Art deco/Bossa themed shoot...

I was given two words ArtDeco/Bossa and Erotic/Gothic, where I had to make a 4page magazine shoot, in the style of those words.

Erotic /Gothic...

I like light =)

Part of one my briefs I was asked to make a visual diary with a theme of my choice. I chose to show a visual diary in the life of someone else where I pretended to stalk two people, (Don’t worry they knew me =), they were my housemates). I made a small book, which photographically showed their life style, how they dress, how they get dressed, their preparation before they head of out and so on. Here are few of the photo’s I took.

29 December 2008


These are the first illustrations I have done using Adobe suits. I was trying to experiment with different ways of incorporating the fabric I wanted to use in my designs.