5 July 2009

Mr Toledano

Glastonbury 2009

If you have never been to a music festival I advise you to go. This had to be one of the best experiences of my life and Glastonbury 2010 will be expecting me back =). This was the sunset on the very first day.  Glastonbury is an amazing atmosphere from families to revelers, also has one of the most amazing fashion I have ever seen. Incorporating together with vintage and sequins and beautiful dresses matched with high knee Hunter wellies... =) A brilliant experience. 


This is my beautiful cat chino. He is a pedigree Birman. I don't think he was to fond of me after I took this photo. I used this photo in a shopping guide that I put together to indicate how animal prints are in season.  

Ooh Lula

For one of my briefs I made a shopping guide, which showed How to Accessorize yourself and the 20 stores in London where you could find them. The guide was called Ooh Lula and it is a supplement that you would receive with Lula magazine twice a year (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer). This is one of the photo shoots, which shows how statement jewelry is in season.

What a lovely day =)

This is another photo shoot I did to show how personal jewelry was in fashion for Spring/Summer 2009.

Joshans Wardrobe =)

OOh Lula Guide... photoshoots.

Feet are not always horrible...

This was a photo shoot to show how toe rings and bold, bright nail varnish where in season. My idea behind it was to show that feet can look pretty and they are not always horrible, and if they’re not pretty, to get to your local salon and get that pedicure done.

Bando’s Bando’s Bando’s

4 July 2009

Experimenting with different ways of writing. I used Hello written with salt. This photo was the introduction photograph for a visual diary I put together. I don't really know why but things like this really interest me. I think its very old school but still very different.